The Foodie New Year Resolution…

Another year has been and gone, social media is full of people bidding their good riddance to 2017 and embracing the new year ahead and what it may hold, but why so much emphasis on this time of year? And why set ourselves up for failure with loads of ridiculous goals and targets?

I can imagine most people’s resolutions this morning; run more, eat more healthily, lose weight etc. Most of these common targets are often broken in the first month and whilst chowing down on that Friday night takeaway and bottle of wine you tell yourself that diet can always start again on Monday, you’ve got to think long term and plan a little.

After a quick Google for the “top 10 resolutions commonly made” we’ve taken the best few to give them a New Year Foodie Resolution mash up.

Spend more quality time with friends and family… When I meet people it 98% of the time involves food or more precisely cake! Get out your diary, pick up the phone and get these people booked into your life. Find a new recipe you’d like to try or maybe you have a signature dish that you love, invite your nearest and dearest around for dinner there doesn’t need to be a special occasion. Sharing food together is great FACT, if it all goes wrong have your local Indian on speed dial as back up, or make life a little easier for yourself and get other people to make a starter and dessert that way it spreads the stress if cooking for the masses is a daunting prospect. Amongst our friends we host “Come Dine with Me” taking it in turns to host themed foodie evenings with a bit of organised fun thrown in for good measure. We look forward to these evenings of silliness, a night off from cooking at home and a chance to spend to quality time together. Scoring your evenings is optional and may lead to over competitiveness and sabotage!

A meal shared should involve laughter and a full stomach.

Workouts and weight loss… Be fit, tight abs and weight loss are the shiny fitness magazines mantras that get splashed all over the shelves in January. Those magazines are unlikely to make you happy in the immediate moment. Why not curve your habits, we walked to the pub the other night it took 40 minutes each way in the dark across muddy fields with a head torch and wellies on! We arrived hungry for dinner and it turned the ordinary into an adventure.

A good windy walk should be a pre cursor for any pub lunch.

Eat better… On the whole as a nation we don’t do well when it comes to eating a balanced diet. Youth obesity is on the rise as are other fat related illnesses and it’s time to take matters into our own hands. If you cook your meals from scratch you will know exactly what you are eating, Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredient cook book is an excellent example of how simple and tasty meals can be. Pre packaged ready meals seem to contain a never ending list of additives and preservatives many of which we don’t even know. Some of us at Crab Apple are lucky to have the space to be able to grow our own fruit and veg or rear our own pigs and chickens and this makes a huge difference but isn’t accessible to everyone. Aim for quality over quantity, start with only buying free range eggs and chicken as this is something that IS achievable. Use every part of that bird so you feel you’re getting your monies worth, you’ll be able to taste the difference. NO MORE NUGGETS!

Eat better...unless ice cream is on offer!

Patch the pig, she got A LOT bigger! Best pork.

Learn something new… Cookery schools, bakeries, kitchens all around the country offer amazing master classes from complete novice to honing those expert skills. A good selection of one off and weekly classes are available depending on your commitment and budget. If you haven’t got the cash to sign up why not team together with some mates buy some ingredients and teach yourselves with the help of YouTube to master cupcake decoration, it brings people together, is fun and you get to eat all your hard work!

Who's teaching who? Baking Jedi in the making.

What ever your resolutions are for 2018 make them good and something to share with others and if it involves food then all the better. We look forward to keeping you updating with our foodie journey throughout the next 12 months.

Fill your kitchen with wonderful people.

Food for life, love and happiness.