Vegan pulled not pork!

Vegan pulled not pork!

Most new years start with a horrible hangover, possibly a few regrets from the night before and a list of good intentions for the coming year as long as your arm!

We’ve seen many friends tackle dry January, new health kicks, smoothies and juices, gym memberships and this year a new one to us was Veganuary. this site contains a huge amount of information and help if you are thinking of swapping to a meat free diet.

As avid meat lovers this is not something we took part in as I think we’d end up with meat sweats from a lack of meat and going cold turkey rather than eating cold turkey was not our idea of a good start to new year!

We’re increasingly getting more vegan requests for menus and it seems a shame that their meals shouldn’t be as exciting and tasty as everyone else eating meat. We appreciate that Quorn products have their place but not all are vegan friendly and we much prefer making food from scratch knowing exactly what goes into the dish to make a hearty meat free meal.

So here it is our vegan alternative to pulled pork, great as a hog roast or BBQ alternative…

Step 1 head to your nearest Asian supermarket and look amongst the tinned section for JACK FRUIT specifically the young green fruit in brine.

Young jackfruit - Buy this! Young green Jack fruit in brine.

Don’t buy the fruit in syrup as it won’t work for this recipe, it’s more suitable for desserts.

Open the tin, drain and discard the liquid, remove the core from each piece (it’s a bit like the core of a pineapple a little tough and won’t be particularly nice to bite on mid mouthful).

Drain the jackfruit

Jackfruit close up What your Jack fruit will look like.

Next step once the core is cut out is to shred the flesh with your fingers by gently pulling it apart.

Shredded Jack fruit Shredded Jack fruit

Now it’s time to make your BBQ sauce, empty your cupboards of end bottles of ketchup, tomato puree, sugar (brown is better if you have it as it gives a richer less artificial taste), spices, that half bottle of coke that’s been sitting in your bag all week and we’re going to get George’s Marvellous Medicine on these ingredients.

The important bit at this stage is to keep tasting so you know what to expect and what to add more of. Smoked paprika will give you depth and smokiness, Cayenne pepper for some heat, Tabasco, Worcester sauce will also give different levels of heat, Ketchup and coke will give the sauce a sticky sweet flavour, Garlic and onion powder for savoury notes.

You choose the ingredients Ingredient pick and mix.

Pop all these ingredients in a frying pan and warm through before reducing slightly to form a thick, sauce that sticks to the back of your spoon.

Your homemade bad boy BBQ sauce! The best BBQ sauce you’ll ever eat!

Then add your Jack fruit flesh. Sauce and Jack fruit

Once it’s all coated in sauce, hot and sticky you’re free to do with it whatever you want. Meat substitute Jack fruit hot off the pan ready to eat.

Tacos, burger filling, wraps, stick it on a jacket potato, nachos, loads of options.

It's a wrap A great hot wrap filling.

The finished product, it’s a wrap!

Most people have access to a local Asian supermarket if not you can easily stock up at Amazon

It’s relatively cheap and a great way to sample some vegan food and not be scared off by loads of vegetables. We taste tested this on some meat eaters who had no idea what it was and were shocked to find out it contained no meat and was in fact fruit based!

Give it a go you’ll be surprised.