Curing pork - It's Pigalicious!

by Carl Thomson

Curing pork - It's Pigalicious!

So as you’re all aware here at Crab Apple Emma has been rearing her own pigs! The beauty of this is we know how they’re kept, where they’re kept and what they are eating.

These guys are ridiculously happy, eat really well and are genuinely loving life - all key areas that we strongly believe make for good tasty free range delicious pork.

I think as consumers we are all caught up in the ease and convenience of buying generic tasteless supermarket meat on polystyrene trays wrapped in plastic, whereas 20 - 30 years ago you would only go to your local family butcher to buy meat #supportlocal #reducefoodmiles.

So give it a go, visit your local butcher and without sounding to much like a supermarket’s premium brand TASTE THE DIFFERENCE!

As part of these pig husbandry adventures we obviously get to have a play around with all the cuts and experiment with new techniques we’ve never messed about with. As a chef this is a massive YES for me as everyday is a learning day and we all love a ‘play day’ In the kitchen testing new ideas and eating proper tasty treats - as with everything Crab Apple do its all about: Food for life, love and happiness!

Making your own Lomo (air cured pork loin) Carl’s way:

INGREDIENTS 1kg pork loin (skinned but fat left on) 50 grams demerara sugar 2.8g curing salt #1 10 crushed black peppercorns 10 juniper berries 10 - 15 coriander seeds 45 grams course salt 6 dried bay leafs

Combine all of the above (except pork) in a blender and blitz until fine.

Method (yes there is some in my madness): Start by reserving a third of the spice mixture for a second cure. Coat the loin evenly all over with the remaining mixture and place pork in a non reactive (plastic tub will do) container and refrigerate for 3 days and turn over to cure for a further 4 more days.

After 7 days, remove from the fridge, rinse, dry and apply the reserved spice mixture and repeat the process for 7 more days. Rinse the pork loin and tie with butcher twine. Store hanging at 15°C (standard room temp) at 70% humidity for approximately 45 days. Meat should not have developed mould, but should be firm to the touch and smell sweet. Remove from storage and wipe the surface of the loin with a lint- free cloth dipped in white vinegar. Place in sealed container and store for up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Give it ago and let us know how you get on!